Global demand for tough, reliable, and quality-assured equipment is greater than ever. Today, manufacturers face a wide set of stringent compliance challenges for demonstrating environmental hardiness.

We evaluate your products and systems to extreme environmental conditions in our Environmental Simulation Laboratory helping you bring your product from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.

Our streamlined testing process brings your product from development to end use efficiently in accordance with government, regulatory, military, and manufacturer standards. With our automated testing through computer-controlled systems, we’re able to maximize accuracy and repeatability amongst demanding environmental effects. MET can perform Environmental stress, Physical stress, Extreme climatic conditions, and Chemical exposure testing simultaneously.


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Expertise and world-class facilities to meet your development schedule & compliance needs for market acceptance.

MET’s Environmental Simulation Labs, on both coasts, employ numerous environmental chambers, including several large walk-in chambers. Hydraulic and electro-dynamic shakers are used for a wide range of vibration testing, from ISTA packaging to seismic compliance testing. MET’s hydraulic vibration systems are capable of full level (Zone 4) seismic simulation

More of MET’s environmental simulation testing abilities: